I finally received the Summilux 50mm f1.4 special edition Black Chrome. A mouthful but an amazing lens to use, i love the 50’s design focus ring much more than the finger thing on the Summicron i have… And the red lettering of course works well on the low key M246!

I had an oppoertunity to shoot a corporate event as a favour to a friend of mine, and tried the new lens – loved it immediately. I did struggle with the WB during this indoors shoot. The M9 on auto (in this case) gave quite gree-ish colours which I had to correct in edit. The copy/paste changes feature of Caoture One came in very handy…

l9998554 1l9998554

Laice M9 with Summilux 50mm at f3.4 and 1/125. Converted to BNW using the Overgaard preset in Capture One.

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